Drawing of Kerem Sevencanmohawk of Kerem

hello! I am Kerem

a butterfly who is collecting colors to provide beautiful experiences
mostly after creating games and simple web apps



playing with words, singing nonsense or changing my look often helps me
express my inner change to the mother earth and earthlings

Happy to see that you’d like to read more words from me.
I consider myself a refugee in this chaotic world. I feel displaced because somehow we're doomed to feel lonely.

I believe that if we share what we have, we can tear down the walls between us and find out who / what we belong to.

When I was little, my curiosity took me to the game universe. I played games then changed what I played. This universe has driven me to become a self-taught developer who has a design spirit inside. I like to share what I learn on my way.

Thanks to the internet and freelance web projects, I started working early then I studied Visual Communication Design and practiced different visual disciplines.

On the professional side, I'm trying to call myself a React enthusiast and an evangelist of Design Standards.

Throughout my entire career, I've built many bridges between frontend and design. I am a good observer when it comes to identifying communication issues between people / tools.

I believe working together will be like playing with Legos if we build a structure with well-defined constraints.

On the social side, I feel a mix of a carpenter and a koala. You might find me trying to be a spiritual man at a table full of rational people.

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Working as a frontend developer

11+ years



a creation must follow its own path without the help of the creator
making something that can help people always amazes me